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Mouse & Keyboard

Anything you do with your computer we can automate by using code to tell it exactly where to go and what to do once it gets there. We can chain together these actions to do just about anything. Perfectly, repeatedly, and in seconds.

Automated Web Browser

Push & Pull Data

Do You log into online portals to pull down data? Do You input text and numbers into online forms? We have designed a way to push and scrape data onto and off of forms locked behind online portals. This saves hours of tedious manual data entry.

No more daily reports

Email Automation

Tired of compiling and sending daily reports? Why not automate it to update the report on its own and email it out at a specific time each day. Our programs can create, send and read emails faster than you can blink.

Think it Can Be Automated?

Workflow Automation should be accessible to everyone

Why Automation is the future?

Computers in our lifetime will bridge the gap between the current manual typing data entry jobs of today and the shiny AI-driven future Elon Musk is always talking about.


Before AI can truly do the work for us, we first need to change the way we view data entry and daily reporting. With today’s technology, there is no reason we are wasting time running reports and tasks that can be done in seconds by a computer. This is where QCKBOT comes in.


Our goal is to provide simple yet powerful automations to anyone and everyone. We can’t change the world but we can change the workforce.


Examples of our Automations

What have we Automated?

No more Daily Reports

Generate & Send Reports

Extracts data from various websites then pastes, pivots, and edits data to fully update a report. Converts excel into PDF then creates and sends an email with the pdf report as an attachment. 

2 hr daily report // now 1 minute

automate reports 3

No more tedious online forms

Data Entry into Web Portals

Logs into a web portal then extracts data from excel or other file types and goes line by line inputting the data from excel into online forms or website input fields. Great for updating records or inputting data repeatedly.

3 hr Weekly Online data entry // now 5 minutes


Send a personalized email to all clients

Create mass custom emails

Send personalized emails to all your clients. We generated and emailed custom pdf tax forms for hundreds of clients in less than a minute using excel and outlook. Before we took over an employee was creating these by hand at 15 minutes per email. 

80 hrs manually // Now 1 minute


this is how you truly work remotely

Trigger Actions via email

Create a robot that constantly scans your email for specific criteria. Once it sees the email that matches the criteria we can execute any program on your computer. We like to use this to trigger and chain together automations remotely.

Ex: Excel Macro sends email which triggers full automation


Standardize data at scale

Mass covert & edit files

Are you needing to get a large amount of disorganized data into a standardized format? Recently we worked with a client that was digitizing their system and needed thousands of pdfs converted and edited to a standardized format.

100s of Hrs Manually // Now 5 minutes


Automate data gathering

Scrape Data Off Websites

Need to pull a specific report online every day at the same time? Why not just get it automatically scrapped and emailed right to your inbox. We could take it further by cleaning the data, adding your own branding, and sending to the masses. 

Ex: Pull many reports at once, combine, and email out


Simple Yet Powerful

Automation Services FAQ

At QCKBOT automation is the process of speeding up a workflow process drastically by essentially documenting the process word for word in code that once executed completely runs the workflow on a scheduled or one-off basis. Another name for this type of service is “Robot Process Automation” or RPA.


Automation to us is literally automating your day job. The hypothesis is that 80% of most jobs today no matter the level of complexity or niche knowledge involve basic data entry and reporting. This data entry and reporting are most likely through complex web portals, via non standardized pdfs, or massive data sets being integrated into web apps or other software.


The goal of our automation business is to free up your time so that you can add value where it is best served – anywhere but doing repetitive reporting and data entry. The way we have designed our coding platform is incredibly flexible. We use cutting-edge tools in new and novel ways to interact and replicate essentially anything your mouse and keyboard can do. Most importantly once created we can run these programs at scale, while you are away from your desk, or completely autonomously.


We have found that the automation solutions we can deliver with our systems are completely limitless.

We can and have automated up to 90% of our client’s workload by breaking down their repetitive tasks and complex reporting into smaller bite-sized processes. We document each of these processes through code and then chain them together to accomplish much larger, seemingly impossible tasks.


We have even gone as far as automating simple email responses given certain criteria, what Microsoft Outlook can already due just much more customizable.


Anything you do on a computer that is repeatable can be automated. Our goal is to take the repetition out of your work. Freeing your time and energy to focus on applying your expert knowledge to higher-value work.

No, because what we can do is work around these per your company compliance policies. What this would typically look like is a simple excel file that houses macros that when executed will alert a remote server (outside of the firewall) and trigger the automation to run. Once complete the results of the automation are either uploaded online or emailed back to your work computer in any format you may need.

Technically yes, if we cannot find a direct API-related solution to communicate with the software, then we will adapt by telling the computer where to go, what to look for, and what to do when it finds what it needs. We can even go as far as telling the program to find snippets of screenshots and images that it must identify to continue the automation (or what to do when it doesn’t find these).


The sky is the limit here – we haven’t found a single process we couldn’t automate, optimize, or improve using our custom-built programs.

Due to the nature of how custom each of these automations, our pricing is unique to each project. In the past, we have charged per use case and find that we shoot for somewhere around 75% of in-house cost to replace the work. There are many assumptions that are built into this, but the benefits are substantial. First, any process we automate will be nearly instantaneous and some examples above and their time savings are documented. Second, once created the process will have been documented down to the most minute detail and when executed is no longer exposes to manual input risk. Third, we can run these programs on a massive scale, hindered only by the capabilities of our top-of-the-line computers we have in-house.


The results from our automation solutions have been so meaningful to productivity that we are on a mission to provide these types of automations to anyone and everyone that can use them. There is no reason anyone should be wasting time running reports and tasks that can be done in seconds by a computer.

Short Answer: We build bots quickly – hence our name QCKBOT.


Longer Answer: We have built our entire business around quickly designing, developing, and iterating all our digital solutions. Typically, most complex projects can be broken down into simple milestones and scaled up much quicker than you would imagine. Most turnarounds are within a week from concept to code execution. When a client reaches out and needs a large project automated – they usually need the data or service done ASAP. That is exactly how we like to handle it. We have a team dedicated to creating and developing these as soon as they possibly can.


All in all, the usual turnaround time is two to three weeks depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

How we have found it works best is through a series of meetings that involve us first ensuring we thoroughly understand the problem you face or process you would like to automate. We then understand and quantify exactly what the deliverables are and check the project for feasibility before sending you a project proposal. Quantifying the deliverables early on this makes the entire process much smoother and we have found it speeds up the process drastically. Once the proposal has been inked, we get to work. For most automations, we have already built a simple model of the project when we originally tested for feasibility so finishing it up is just a matter of polishing the program and testing it when we run at scale vs real-world scenarios.


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