Ecommerce SEO Services: Increase your online revenue Today  

Ecommerce SEO Services: Increase your online revenue Today  

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Are you making the most out of your ecommerce store when it comes to online marketing? Are you using online marketing techniques and finding the right customers who need your products or services? When you incorporate the best online marketing techniques into your marketing strategy, you can fill your marketing funnel with customers who are already looking for what you sell.



These techniques, gathered under the umbrella heading of “Ecommerce SEO Techniques,” are designed to draw searchers from search engines to your web pages. Ecommerce SEO techniques help you connect with online searchers who are already motivated to buy products like the ones you sell. Your job then, is to sell them your products once they land on your website.


How do these Ecommerce SEO techniques work? Let’s take a look.

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What are Ecommerce SEO Services?

The definition of ecommerce SEO services is search engine optimization of an ecommerce website. In other words, you are using search engine optimization techniques to drive traffic from the search engines to your ecommerce store.


However, this isn’t just general traffic. This is traffic made up of people who are going to the search engines to find products or services just like what you sell. The goal of ecommerce SEO is to connect with these searchers. And you do this through optimizing your ecommerce website so that your products come up first in the list of results, or as close to first as you can.


With proper use of ecommerce SEO, you will generate more organic traffic and that traffic will be interested in your products.

Why Ecommerce SEO is Important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) puts the vast technology and power of search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to work for you. By optimizing your ecommerce store, more people will find your products when they search for them online. And this is just organic web traffic, before you start implementing paid ads.


And here is the key. Your products and ecommerce websites already probably have some rank in the search engine results pages (SEPRs). With SEO, you can improve their rank with a goal of moving up to the first page of results. That’s because most searchers click on a result on the first page of SERPs. For you to get the benefits of SEO, you should strive to reach #1 for the keywords you’re aiming for.

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The most important point is that ecommerce SEO will increase your qualified traffic exponentially.

Backlinko found that the #1 spot in Google SERPs got 31.7 percent of all clicks for that keyword. That’s the goal to strive for. For context, here is a list of percentage clicks for the rest of the first page.


  • Position 1: 31.73%
  • Position 2: 24.71%
  • Position 3: 18.66%
  • Position 4: 13.6%
  • Position 5: 9.51%
  • Position 6: 6.23%
  • Position 7: 4.15%
  • Position 8: 3.12%
  • Position 9: 2.97%
  • Position 10: 3.09%

Benefits of Ecommerce SEO

Let’s dig down into the details. We know that ecommerce SEO helps drive qualified traffic to your ecommerce websites. But what other benefits do SEO services provide? Here’s a list of the main benefits.

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1. Brand Visibility & Brand Awareness

Brand awareness makes a big difference in how people shop. You can see this when people shop really big brands, like Coke, Disney, or Kleenex. If someone orders a Coke, everyone knows what that is. The word “Coke” means a cola made by Coca Cola. In some parts of the U.S., Coke means any carbonated soft drink. Even people who don’t drink soda are aware of the brand name “Coke.”


The same is true of the brand names Disney and Kleenex. Everyone knows what they mean and at least some of what that company makes. The Kleenex brand name has also become the generic word for facial tissues.


It’s unlikely that your ecommerce brand will ever reach the brand awareness of Coke, but branding will still work for you. The more people that recognize your brand and associate it with positive feelings or events, the easier it will be to convert them to buyers.

2. Qualified Traffic

Searchers on Google or any other search engine are already looking for something that you sell. If they land on your ecommerce page after searching on Google, they are already qualified.


They can be in multiple places in your digital marketing funnel. For instance, if they’re searching for a baby stroller, they might be looking to compare various baby strollers, their characteristics and price. Or they may be ready to buy today because their baby is due next week. Organic traffic that you get from search marketing is already interested in your products.

3. Grow Remarketing Audiences

Since your organic traffic is qualified, you can grow your remarketing audiences. You aready know that they’re at least somewhat interested in your ecommerce store. They may join your email list or you can get some information through the use of cookies for remarketing.

4. Better User Experience (UX)

On-page SEO is also important in your shop. Making each page easy to scroll, interact with, and focused with relevant information will give visitors a positive user experience. A good experience is always helpful in encouraging conversions.

5. Higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

It’s all about the clicks. Getting organic website visitors to convert is the primary goal of search marketing. That conversion can be many different activities from joining a mailing list to buying your product, but all of them encourage more clicks.

6. Partner with Paid Ads (PPC)

Partnering organic ecommerce SEO with PPC is an efficient and effective way to maximize website traffic to your store. They create a digital marketing synergy that qualifies traffic and sends it to the right landing pages.

7. Increased Long-Term Growth

While you want to sell products right now, it’s also beneficial to continue to grow. Growth in ecommerce visitors over the long-term will give you a wider and broader audience that continues to buy from your ecommerce business. As your audience grows, so will your business as you continue to work on your ecommerce SEO.

Drawbacks of Ecommerce SEO

There really aren’t any drawbacks with ecommerce SEO. Applying the strategies that your ecommerce SEO agency decides on will provide all of the benefits listed above. The only drawbacks are found if you don’t follow the best practices, and don’t monitor or test your campaigns.

What are Ecommerce SEO Service Plans?

Ecommerce SEO service plans entail hiring a professional ecommerce SEO agency to work with you on a regular basis to install and improve your ecommerce SEO. Their experience, familiarity with ecommerce and SEO, and access to the best tools will enhance your own SEO practices.


The ecommerce SEO company also knows what works on ecommerce sites, and how to test your store’s SEO to learn how to maximize your SEO efforts. The ecommerce marketing agency can do this in much less time that your staff can because this is what they specialize in.


Service plans can be arranged for one-off engagements, monthly service, or larger, multi-stage projects that you work on for long-term success with your ecommerce SEO company.

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What Do Our Ecommerce SEO Services Include?

Our custom ecommerce SEO services are personalized for every customer but they broadly include:


  • User experience testing – Finding the best user experience on your ecommerce platform
  • Product pages optimization – Optimizing your product pages to drive the best results in conversions or sales
  • Competitive research – Looking at your competitors and how they are driving traffic
  • Content marketing and creation – Creating new content or modifying old content to improve SEO results through content marketing techniques


Content optimization – Looking at your current online store to determine additonal ways to optimize for better conversion and sales rates

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Why Do Ecommerce Businesses Need SEO?

To summarize everything we’ve said so far, ecommerce businesses need to use SEO strategies to increase qualified traffic, drive conversions, and grow revenues and sales. No matter what you sell, optimizing your online store will improve results.

Most Important Factor: Measuring, Monitoring, and Testing

There are lot of factors that go into digital marketing, but the single-most important factor in managing and optimizing ecommerce SEO is testing, monitoring, and adjusting your SEO strategies based on the results you’re seeing.


There are several reasons to measure, monitor, and test SEO campaigns, but one crucial reason is that keywords change over time and from location to location. What is a good keyword strategy in the past, may not be in the future. Another reason is that new technology can be added to improve your results.

Ecommerce SEO Strategy: Key Areas to Explore

Every custom ecommerce SEO strategy is unique, personalized for your business. We look at these elements to determine how to go forward.



  • Targeted Keyword Research – Finding the best keywords for your business and embedding them throughout your ecommerce store for optimal results.
  • Blog Content – Looking for ways your blog content can support your optimization strategy including revamping old posts, creating new posts, and embedding new technology for a better UX.
  • Website Structure – Examining, testing, and improving your website structure for a better UX including redesigning, updating functions, and improving processes.
  • PR Outreach – Working to build relationships with high-value websites in your industry through cooperation, backlinks, and specialized content.
  • Identifying Problems – Problems sometimes are overlooked by the people who use a website daily. We can bring in digital marketing experts who can point out problems that will make a big difference in UX. These can be anything from navigation, better keywords, presentation, etc.
  • Repeat Keyword Research – Repeating keyword research periodically will find new keywords and any that are no longer being used to help improve your organic traffic.

Shopify Ecommerce SEO Services

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Shopify is used by many ecommerce companies as a platform to sell their goods and services. It is the most popular platform for ecommerce. We work within the Shopify ecommerce platform often and can easily integrate our SEO services with Shopify.

Ecommerce SEO for WOOCommerce Websites

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Do you have your ecommerce store on WordPress along with using the WOOCommerce plugin? We can help you add SEO to your ecommerce store that will complement the WOOCommerce software.

Ecommerce SEO for Magento

magento logo

If you use Magento’s open-source PHP-based ecommerce platform, we can work to improve your SEO. We are experienced in working with Magento’s framework and adding the best ecommerce SEO elements without any issues.

Ecommerce SEO Experts across All Platforms

We can accomodate your commerce SEO no matter which platform or software you are using without any issues. We have experts that know how to customize traditional SEO to your ecommerce platform without any disturbances to your website’s functions.

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