The Best Free SEO Tools

The Best Free SEO Tools

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When you want the best SEO possible for your site, there are plenty of paid tools, but there are also some great SEO tools that are free. Some of the most helpful SEO tools are completely free and give you a wealth of insight into your SEO strategies. 

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Google Analytics

This popular tool gives you site data that is highly in-depth and invaluable for SEO. It’s particularly useful for analyzing the traffic to your site over the long term. Even if you have some paid tools, it’s important to also use this free tool. The amount of data given about your site and its traffic has made this tool a standard for use in the marketing industry.

It delivers a wide range of important data points that can help you to change or just tweak your SEO as needed. It’s the most popular web analytics tool in the world for its robust data and the fact that it’s free. It works well with a number of other Google tools such as Search Console and Optimize. It can even tell you where your audience is, the demographics and which type of device they are using. It’s great for telling you where you’re doing well as where you could use some improvement.

GA vs. GSC

Google Search Console

This is a tool that every marketer needs to have. It’s one of the most powerful SEO tools out there, and it would be hard to take care of your SEO without it. It lets you measure the traffic to your site, see the rankings you have for keywords and will even help you find technical errors. It will report on a number of common errors to help you keep your site in better shape. If you’re bolstering your site’s search performance in Google, what better way is there than going right to Google?

This tool allows you to see the same issues that Google will see when it assesses your site and indexes it. You can use it to find out how specific URLs are interpreted by Googlebot as well as submit a helpful sitemap of your site. You can use this tool to request for a URL to be indexed, and you can get data like impressions, clicks, keyword positions, etc. It’s the best place for when you need reliable information about how the search engine is crawling and ranking a site. 

Bing Webmaster Tools

Google tools get a lot of attention, but Bing also has a full list of site and search analytic tools. It has helpful keyword research, keyword reports and even crawling data. You can use it to see just how people are interacting with your website. It’s much like Google Search Console but for Bing. It isn’t as advanced as Google Search Console, but it is effective for when you want to optimize for Bing and not just Google. It can be helpful to remember that a significant number of people use Bing instead of Google.


Yes, there is more than one search engine out there.

Bing Webmaster Tools has improved a lot over the past few years, and this tool is extremely helpful for keyword research among the SEO reporting tools. There are different ways to filter the results, such as looking for question keywords, that can help you get the results you’re looking for. If you want your site indexed in Bing, as well as ranked, you need this tool. 

Screaming Frog

This free tool allows you to find technical SEO problems and to fix them, and it does it fast. It can take a lot of time and be highly annoying to try to find all of your technical SEO issues, and this can make it a whole lot easier. Screaming Frog uses a crawler that is much like the Google crawler to find potential problems on your site and gives you a report of them all.

The feature that allows you to find duplicate content is especially helpful for many sites. Google doesn’t like duplicate content to put it mildly, and your site can be penalized for having it. 

This tool will quickly tell you which of your pages has duplicate content on it. Screaming Frog is a popular tool for desktop-based crawling of your site. The free version gives you as many as 500 URLs for each crawl. And, you can always upgrade to a paid version if you want more functionality. 

screaming frog seo


If you have ever wondered whether you can rank for a specific keyword, CanIRank will finally give you the answer. It’s highly detailed and gives you information about the difficultly of ranking for specific keywords. There are plenty of free keyword tools that tell you whether a keyword is very competitive or has low competition, but this goes further by letting you know whether you specifically can actually rank for the keyword you search.  

It also has a feature that tells you how you can target better for a keyword. This gives you specific information about how you can rank for it. It’s an unusual SEO tool that can be extremely helpful when you are choosing your keywords. 

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Answer the Public

Many SEO tools bring in data from The Google Keyword Planner, but this one works differently. It is a comprehensive tool for finding the questions that people are asking online. This includes on social media, on blogs and in forums. It will then take those creations and make great keywords out of them. It helps you to do just what its name implies- to answer the public.

A number of people search for “vs.” keywords, such as A vs. B. This SEO tool has a section that is all about those vs. keywords. Many people also like the tool because of the rebellious vibe that it has. If you are looking to generate a question list, this is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It uses the data from Google’s autocomplete to see what people are really asking about. The data is available as either a list or a mind map. It’s an easy tool to use and to conduct topic research in. 

answer the public

Seed Keywords

This is one of the SEO tools that are great for finding related keywords. Most keyword tools work by having your enter an initial keyword, or seed, and then the tool will give you a list of terms that are closely related.

This tool works a bit differently. It knows that most people try the same keywords, so it uses a different approach. It doesn’t require that you come up with keywords. Instead, your customers are asked how they would search for your site. Then, you can take those keywords and put them into a keyword tool.

Once you have those results, you can have Seed Keywords do a search on Google for the keywords you were given. This allows you to have fresh keywords and to see just how competitive each of them is. 

Google Business Profile

This is one of the local SEO tools that you need if you have a physical store. Once called Google My Business, it allows you to claim the listing for your business and to fill it out so that it appears in searches in places like Google Maps.

The first step is to claim your business and to optimize its Google Business Profile. Check all of the information and make sure things like the address and hours of operation are correct. You can also add photos to the listings as well as videos, and you can write responses to your reviews.

Taking charge of the listing will help your business to rank in local searches. This is especially key for small businesses. When you put in the time to optimize this listing, it can help you to be highly competitive in the area. Many businesses fill in the information and then forget about the listings. However, by adding new content to it over time, such as answering questions, your business can stand out from the crowd. It’s a must-have tool for any business that has a brick-and-mortar component. 

local seo google my business

Exploding Topics

It’s great to be in on an up-and-coming keyword, but it’s hard to know what these terms are and how popular they might be. Exploding Topics keeps you up on keywords that have just started trending so that you can use emerging trends in your content and as new keywords.

Every week this tool adds in new, emerging topics that are just starting to get popular. One of its most useful features is the categories function. This lets you find out what is trending within your industry. If you choose an industry like food, you can find out which topics are emerging in that category. 

exploding topics seo

Google Data Studio

This allows you to take data from other Google Tools and combine them to make interactive reports. It can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you more information than by using those alone. Utilizing this tool is crucial for providing your clients with 24/7 access to their campaign results and can easily be rebranded for white label reports.

It’s a reporting tool that will show you both historical comparisons and real-time data. This can often reveal relationships that exist between your data sets and may not have been visible without this tool. It can make you blended charts that can help to save you both time and effort. When you want to merge data from different tools, this will allow you to visualize it as well as share it. 

The best part about this tool is the way you can combine data from multiple sources and create white label reporting dashboards for yourself or your clients. We build a custom dashboard for every client we onboard to keep track of their campaign improvements in real-time.

google data studio logo

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Years ago, Google changed its algorithm to take the mobile readiness of a site into account when ranking sites. If you aren’t sure how your site stacks up when it comes to mobile devices, this tool can show you all the data you need. If your website isn’t well-optimized for mobile use, it can count against you in a big way. Running your site through this tool will tell you whether your site is mobile-friendly as well as helping you to make it better optimized so that you don’t need to employ a full-time developer in order to make it so.

This tool can show you how your site’s code can be improved. With those improvements, the whole site can be better found by Google’s mobile crawler. This test is a must-have for all sites that are trying to rank better. If your site passes this test, Google is telling you that it considered your site to be mobile-friendly, and this is a certain ranking factor. If it says your site fails the test, it will tell you what you need to address to pass it. It’s user-friendly and reports on a wide range of mobile-usability problems. 

google mobile friendly test

Keyword Hero

This tool can help you when there is missing data about keywords. It uses machine learning and plenty of advanced math to fill in those gaps for you. It isn’t always perfect, but it can go a long way to help those who are trying to match keywords with on-site metrics like conversion. It can be a helpful key to heading in the right direction. It’s the only tool in the world that takes organic keywords and puts them back into Google Analytics to create this data. This SEO tool is comprehensive and is also integrated with another must-have tool- Google Analytics. It shows you keywords, sure, but it also gives you the semantic clusters they are a part of, brand information vs. non-brand and other data.

If you are engaging in SEO, this is a must-have tool. It will show you organic keywords, and that includes the session metrics. It uses nine data sources and analyzes it all. It then uploads this helpful data into a new property of Google Analytics. It shows everything from rankings in the SERPs to helping you get a better organic ROI to the analysis of traffic and keywords. 

Google Keyword Planner

This tool conducts keyword research that will help you to pick the best words for your ads. After entering a URL or a keyword, you will be given a number of keyword ideas as well as the level of competition for it and the search volume each month. It isn’t the research tool that gives you the most in-depth information, but its competition-level information and Google bid estimates can certainly save some time. It’s a good tool to use if you are coming up with terms for an ad campaign.

It’s the most useful for those who are buying Google Ads, but you can use the keyword information anywhere. When you’re optimizing for Google, or you’re planning for Google Ads, it helps to get data that is directly from Google in order to make it all easier. 


Use this keyword tool to get a deep SEO analysis of your site. There are many, many SEO issues that aren’t about keywords, and this tool can crawl every page of your site and let you know about your SEO problems.

It will tell you if you have pages that load slowly, pages that are blocked, issues with your technical SEO, problems with your sitemap and more. Usually, information like this is only available from paid tools, but it’s free with this one. Use it and you’ll get a content report that delivers to you a list of any pages that have problems with your content-related SEO as well. 

seoability seo

Google Trends

If you’re in the beginning stages of content planning, this SEO tool can be important to the process. It helps you with topic research that shows you the terms that people are searching for and where those people are. You can use it to search through larger topics, you can compare two different topics or you can just look through the topics that have recently been trending to get some ideas.

One of the more useful features is that you can take a topic that is relevant to your business and track its popularity. This helps you to stay up to date on the most current trends. It also helps you to avoid wasting time and money on content that is about topics that are fading away from popularity. 

Keyword Explorer

This keyword reach tool from Moz is one that everyone trying to optimize a site should try. It has hundreds of millions of keyword suggestions, and the volume ranges are the most accurate among all of the tools.

Keyword Explorer also includes a Keyword Difficulty Tool as well as having CTR data. A free account is available that allows you to conduct 10 searches per month. However, each of those queries will give you a full thousand keyword suggestions as well as delivering a SERP analysis. 

Moz keyword explorer overview

If you have basic keywords, you might not have the long-tail keywords that you need to have to be competitive and to rank well. Just enter a keyword and it will give you a number of long-tail suggestions. It’s especially helpful that it can be used for Google as well as Bing, eBay, YouTube, Amazon and Instagram. All of these sites matter to many businesses, and their keywords shouldn’t be neglected.

This tool also has an option for Keyword Tool API so that you can conduct your keyword research on a bigger scale. If you like the free account, you can upgrade to a paid account for even more functionality. 

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Just like the sites mentioned above, Reddit is an important site online. As one of the internet’s most popular sites, a lot of discussions take place there, and these can be clues to what people want to see online.

It will display terms that you most likely won’t see in another tool. It scrapes the words and phrases that are being used on Reddit in certain subreddits. This tool also lets you know where on the site people are handing out. This can give you an even bigger source for topic ideas and keywords about your topics.

The content feature will actually take you to the specific thread where it is being discussed on Reddit. This allows you to see just how your keyword is being used among those in the discussion. 


Ubersuggest used to be a little lackluster, but Neil Patel took it over and has overhauled it to make it much more useful. Where it once only gave keyword suggestions, it now has a lot of other SEO capabilities to deliver to you.

It has basic link metrics as well as showing you the top pages of competitors. This can help you in a number of ways to stay competitive and perhaps just beat that competition. 



This useful tool shows you your site in just the way that a search engine sees it. The way that you see your site is much different from the way that a search engine sees it. Through this tool, you can see what search engines do with all of that x-ray vision of your site.

It shows you all of that data in a way that is easy to see and understand. It also has a SERP preview feature that helps you see what your site will look like in the actual search results. This is extremely useful for finding out whether your title and your description are too long and/or are SEO friendly. It can help you to optimize both so that you can get more organic traffic to your site. 


This is a unique tool that is a type of line research platform. It is focused on what is actually driving links to many of the internet’s most popular topics. It comes with the information you need without the extra stuff that can make it take longer to successfully reverse engineer it.

With this tool, you can get info about your competition. It gives you a list that is highly curated that names the sites that are the most popular ones in your specific industry. This allows you to take a look at your most popular competitors to see how you measure up. The mentions feature also lets you see who linked to your competition’s sites as well as who has tweeted about it recently. 

detailed seo

Local Search Results Checker

Google will deliver local SEO rankings from wherever you are, so this tool offers you another chance to see the SERPs from any location that you choose.

This is helpful if you are trying to target specific locations or you are doing local SEO. Need more traffic from certain areas? See how your rankings stack up there. 


We are going to be coming back to this list and adding more as we continue to add more tools to our toolbox. As Always don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any SEO questions or want a FREE site review from one of our SEO Expert Team members – we’re happy to help!

Robert Battle CPA

Robert Battle CPA

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