Why You Need A Full Service Marketing Agency

Why You Need A Full Service Marketing Agency

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If you’ve just gotten your business website up and running, or have the same old website that you’ve had for years in place, it’s time to consider getting some expert help to market it. Simply having an online presence isn’t enough for businesses that want to be competitive in today’s marketplace. To bring potential clients into your website, it takes digital marketing efforts that target the right online leads and convinces them that you are the right merchant for them.

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Marketing your website can be tricky

Digital marketing is a multimillion-dollar industry that includes many approaches, each with its own best practices and tasks to complete. From optimizing your website, so it attracts the attention of search engines and potential buyers, to establishing a presence on social media accounts and promoting events and sales there, there are so many steps to follow that you can easily get overwhelmed.

Some common digital marketing tactics might include:

  • Content creation and posting
  • Link building to other sites to increase your online profile
  • Keyword research and targeting to help Google understand your business offerings
  • Conversion optimization to increase the average sale amount or order value
  • Pay per click advertising or social media ads
  • Social media marketing and sponsored posts

By using a full service marketing agency to work on your brand, you can mount a coordinated effort across all channels to target a wider customer base and bring in leads who are already looking for the items you offer. You can assign your agency team a budget for ads and your monthly goals, and let them do the rest for you. If you’re already busy with running your business and don’t have time to learn how to do online marketing yourself, having an agency do the work instead helps you drive better results without needing to wait until you have time to do it yourself.

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A major advantage of using a marketing agency is that they can do the research to determine what is working for your biggest competitors and use this data to help you compete with them. Using tools and skills learned over years of working in the industry, marketing professionals can uncover the keywords your competitors are targeting, the ads they have placed, social media promotion strategies they are using, and more. With this information in hand, your agency can help you design a strategy that will help your website rank higher and bring in more leads than any competitors.

How Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Business Stand Out

When searching online for a business or service, most consumers will choose from the companies displayed on the first page of the search engine results. Most times, they won’t even bother navigating to the second page to see what is there. This means that having your business appear among the first page of results can lead to more visits to your website and ultimately more conversions without increasing your digital advertising budget. We know this well and that’s why we are listed as one of the Top SEO Companies in Texas.
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A good SEO campaign starts with identifying the right keywords to target, then developing an approach that helps pages on your website rank for these terms. Some popular SEO strategies your marketing agency might recommend that you try could include:


  • Regular posting to your website’s blog. This will help signal to Google and other search engines that your website is active and a good place to find current information. From ay technical standpoint, it gives Google more pages to index and places to send people who are searching for specific information.
  • Sharing new blog posts on social media to help bring traffic from Instagram, Facebook, and other sites to related pages on your site. By linking to your website and making it easy for people to visit, you’ll increase the odds that followers will click over.
  • Creating guest posts for other popular blogs not only helps you reach a new audience, it also gives you an SEO boost by creating more links from legitimate sites coming into yours.
  • Optimizing your existing pages to include targeted keywords and fresh content, so Google continues to rank the page as a reputable source of information.
  • Doing a technical SEO audit to identify any issues with the setup of the website that can be improved to make the site load faster.
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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing encompasses strategy for paid ads, like Google’s pay per click (PPC) advertising program. These ads give you an unobtrusive way to reach customers who are already looking for the services or products you offer. When a customer searches for a word or service, ad listings appear along the top and side of the page. If they choose to click on one of these ads instead of the other results, your company pays Google the agreed upon amount. If the ad appears but the user doesn’t click on it, your company does not have to pay anything.

Setting up these ads can be involved if you’ve never done it before, leading many small business owners to frustration. To begin using these ads, you select the search terms you’d like your ads to appear for and bid an amount that you are willing to pay in order to have your ad appear prominently. You’ll then set up the copy for the ad and the landing page you want the customer to visit once they’ve clicked.

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Since PPC is a highly competitive field within marketing, every part of your strategy matters when it comes to setting up and launching these ads. From the way you structure the copy of the ad to the page you link the ad to and the amount you set as your budget on these ads, each decision will impact how effective the ad is. Unlike a traditional advertising campaign, you can make changes to the ads, stop or pause certain ones that don’t seem to be working, and launch new ones at any time.

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Working with an agency, you can expect to get detailed results each month to help you understand where your investment into SEM is going. We can offer precise information on what you are spending to bring leads in and how many of them end up filling out a contact form, buying something, or asking for a quote. You can choose which campaigns to expand and which are not working out, giving you more control over how your advertising works without you having to step in and do the work yourself. Best of all, when you work with a marketing agency, we strive to make it so that your website attracts customers day and night, even while you are sleeping. Its this constant, targeted traffic that helps to boost your monthly sales and overall profits, and with proper marketing efforts, we can ensure that you get plenty of it.

If you’re ready to start expanding your digital marketing efforts with the help of experts in SEO, contact us at QCKBOT today. Our team will work with yours to define and set up your goals, and then create a plan to help you reach them. We provide easy to understand, clear reporting on how your digital marketing campaigns are going, and can answer any questions you might have along the way.

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Robert Battle CPA

Robert Battle CPA

Founder of QCKBOT and data analyst extraordinaire. Looking for trends and testing theories led this financial guru into the world of SEO. Empowered by the ability to take businesses to the next level through organic search, he's on a mission to upend traditional B2B consulting via data-driven high-impact results.

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