Google Snack Pack: Local SEO’s Best Kept Secret

Google Snack Pack: Local SEO’s Best Kept Secret

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It’s no secret, online marketing is essential to the success of businesses of all kinds. Therefore, taking the time to find the best tools and practices is of the utmost importance. For instance, Google Snack Pack is one commonly used tool by most businesses.


Nevertheless, if you are a new business owner, you may not be aware of the importance of the Google Snack Pack and why it can be so helpful. With that in mind, the following is an overview of just that. 

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What is Google Snack Pack?

For those who are yet unfamiliar, the Google Snack Pack is the Box that appears near the top of the local Google search page. This Box usually contains the top three local businesses that are relevant to the search and the most pertinent details about those businesses. 

The locations of the businesses listed are located at the very top of the Box; they are pinpointed using Google Maps, which makes it possible for customers to easily locate these businesses and get step-by-step directions in order to visit the location. Moreover, it also contains the following details:


  • The Business Name
  • The Address
  • The Phone Number
  • The Google Star Review Rating
  • The Hours of Operation
  • Images of the Business
  • A Link to the Website
  • A Google Map Directions Link


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Why Ranking in Google Snack Pack is Important

As we all know, the placement and rank of one’s company can play a major role in the success of businesses on a local level. Some of the top benefits of ranking in Google Snack Pack are:


  • Greater Exposure: One of the top benefits of ranking in Google Snack Pack is that it means greater exposure for your business, especially at the local level. Any business that manages to rank on the Google Snack Pack will receive a lot more exposure than any business that is not ranked in the Snack Pack. Typically, it results in an influx of thousands of clicks and potential customers visiting your website. 


  • Increase in Business: Depending on things such as your ranking, the quality of your star ratings, strength and level of competition, etc., your click-through rates for Snack Pack can be anywhere from 8% up to 44%. 


  • Establish Your Business as an Authority: Getting ranked on Google can also allow your company to be viewed as an authority in your field. Customers are likely to view companies that are ranked in Google Snack Pack as highly reputable, and thus, they are more likely to visit their websites, purchase products/services, and much more. 

History of Google Snack Pack

Some form of Google Snack Pack has been in existence since as early as 2006 when Google released One Box, which is now known as the original 3-Pack. The first version was designed to be a useful tool for Google online users. The original goal of the One Box was to create a way for users to retrieve the details of local businesses in a quick and effective manner. 


The Snack Pack continued to evolve, and in 2008, another update was made. During this SEO update, the One Box was transformed into the Local 10 Pack. This Pack listed and helped promote the top 10, most relevant local businesses. This gave the companies a chance to appoint an SEO professional, who was then able to provide their clients with a much faster and highly visible return on their investment. Although this was highly favored by both professionals and consumers from all walks of life, the 10 Pack only lasted for about a year before it was reduced to 7. 


By 2009, virtually all 10 Packs were replaced with 7 Packs. This update was somehow more widely accepted, and rather than being replaced with a new version within a few months; the 7 Packs actually lasted for around 6 years before any major changes or upgrades were made. 


Nevertheless, on August 15, Google dropped a bombshell on all users, and it seemingly came out of nowhere. Virtually overnight, the beloved 7-Pack had dwindled down to a 3-Pack. So, rather than users looking forward to the top 7 local businesses, they were left with only 3 of the top local businesses when viewing the desktop search results. Most users were bewildered, as Google is known for its long, drawn-out rollouts, which typically include testing in various countries before officially releasing the updates. 


However, as time went on, users began to embrace the smaller size of the pack and eventually named it the Snack Pack. Although the smaller size was enduring to users, it was somewhat nightmarish for local businesses. They now had to compete to become one of the top 3 local businesses in order to be featured. Either way, in the name of making the feature more mobile-friendly, the new condensed version of the pack was deemed the best way to use it moving forward. 

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What Factors Help You Rank in Google Snack Pack?

As with most things concerning the Google search engine, presentation is very important. Businesses need to make sure that they are setting up, delivering, and optimizing their lists correctly. This is because ranking in the Google Snack Pack is all about high-quality links from high-quality domains with authority. 


In order to rank in the Google Snack Pack, you should focus on the following:

Links and Citation Signals

You should make sure that your citations and links are high quantity, high authority, and high quality. 

Review Signals

You should also take the time to make sure that your customers are leaving business reviews that are highly rated and of high quality. 

Business Signals

Additionally, you should make sure that you are mentioning and titling as many pages with your business name as possible. This is favored by Google, and it allows them to ensure that your business is highly reputable and that you are marketing goods and services related to your company. 

External Location Signals

Moreover, you should also ensure that your external location signals have been optimized. 

On-Page Signals

Additionally, you should take the time to boost your on-page signal. This means you need to take the time to optimize individual pages. 

Social Signals

Another thing you need to focus on is your social media presence. Although Google doesn’t necessarily take your social media into direct account, having a social media presence is the norm for all reputable businesses. Therefore, if you do not have one, it is likely that your company will not make the cut. 

Behavioral & Mobile Signals

Google also takes the time to look at the data in relation to your website’s click-through and click-to-call rates. In order to boost your rankings, you should increase interactions with your business via promotions and other types of content. Creating interesting, high-quality, and diverse content can satisfy this category. 


Lastly, you should make sure your website is highly unique and personalized. Make sure that you are taking the time to create original and informative content. 

Common Reasons You Are Not in The Snack Pack

If you are struggling to make your way into the Google Snack Pack, here are some of the common reasons you may not be ranked in the Snack Pack:


  • Wrong information or business category. 
  • Not making citations a priority. 
  • Failure to manage your Google reviews. 
  • Failing to audit backlinks.
  • No social media presence. 

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How to Maintain Rankings in Google Snack Pack

In order to maintain your ranking in Google Snack Pack, you should make sure that all of your details are accurate and up to date. Make sure that you are constantly updating your content and that you are always adding useful information and details. You should also focus on maintaining the things that help you rank on the engine in the first place. 

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Why Local SEO benefits from the Snack Pack

Local SEO benefits from the Snack Pack because it allows businesses to be highlighted in your region. Therefore, other companies that are in that market will also gain more exposure. Either way, the Google Snack Pack is one of the best tools for local businesses of all kinds. 

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Robert Battle CPA

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