Integrated Marketing Agency: What Is It and Why You Want To Work With One

Integrated Marketing Agency: What Is It and Why You Want To Work With One

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As our content becomes more digital, so must our marketing. This means we must market brands across multiple platforms in different ways to reach a company’s target audience. Integrated marketing is a full-service marketing strategy that works across multiple platforms. 


An integrated marketing agency is able to create campaigns and maintain campaigns across each platform, from content creation to affiliate marketing to PPC marketing. They are able to integrate your marketing needs with your potential customers in multiple ways. No platform is forgotten which enhances your company’s ability to find new customers and heightens your brand recognition.

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What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing campaigns have become the go-to tool to generate new sales and customers. Integrated marketing is an all-encompassing marketing tactic that uses multiple channels to showcase a company’s campaign.


This type of marketing allows for a successful campaign to reach multiple audiences due to the ability to use email marketing, social media, influencer or affiliate marketing, and any other type of digital advertisement.


An integrated marketing campaign provides successful results when reaching new customers due to its multiplatform coverage

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What is an Integrated Marketing Agency?

An integrated marketing agency is a one-stop-shop agency that handles the entirety of your marketing campaign. Instead of hiring multiple agencies to do your social media, marketing, public relations, website, etc., you hire an integrated marketing agency to do it all.


There is no miscommunication between different companies, rather one company competing for all your needs. 


An integrated marketing agency handles:


  • Content writing
  • Content creation
  • SEO or search engine optimization
  • Brand strategy
  • Web development
  • Email marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media 
  • Graphic design


The campaign is multiplatform to gain traction with new audiences and established targeted audiences. An integrated marketing agency creates an organized flow of content on numerous platforms to maintain a successful marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign

Why Does Integrated Marketing Matter?

Integrated marketing matters because it affects the overall branding of your company. If your company is using multiple agencies for your marketing, social media, branding, and advertisement, there is bound to be miscommunication. Your logo may look completely different from your website, or your website will not match what is being posted on your social media accounts.


There isn’t any consistency in how your company is displayed to your target audience. This is where an integrated marketing agency comes in. They complete all your needs under one roof, keeping your marketing tidy and coherent throughout each platform. 

Marketing campaigns are larger than ever

Customers use multiple platforms to indulge in content. Whether it is Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or blogs, content is consumed continuously and even all at once. By skipping one platform, you could be missing out on displaying your company to multiple types of audiences. 


If you have a competitor that is using multiple channels and your company isn’t, the competition is being seen by your target audience and more, undercutting your marketing abilities.


If you are using multiple channels with an integrated marketing agency, your company is able to reach audiences on every platform, showcasing why your product is useful to them and will be able to remind them on another platform. This will heighten your business performance, generating more sales. 

Consistency across the board

Miscommunication is bound to ensue when using an integrated marketing strategy by using multiple agencies instead of an integrated marketing agency. More weight is put on you to communicate what one agency is doing to another agency you hired. It is a slippery slope of inconsistency, as each agency has a different idea of what the campaign is. 


An integrated marketing agency is able to communicate easily to each of their teams what the campaign should be. There is no reliance on you to communicate this. Rather, the integrated marketing agency easily performs all the marketing needs on each platform without any issues. 

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Their Network is Your Network

Hiring an integrated marketing agency allows you to have a slew of people working for you. They are a network of professionals with different specializations to help maintain your integrated marketing campaign. Their job is to benefit your company and aid you with any integrated marketing needs. 


If you have an idea for a campaign, they will support and help you with creating, organizing, and maintaining it on multiple platforms. If you have a critique on something you would like to change, they will be able to implement it easily.


Their network of people is yours, with the capability of working for you and fulfilling your company’s integrated marketing strategy. 

The Right Solution at the Right Time

Integrated marketing campaigns are up-to-date with how to use multiple platforms, from web development to social media. They are able to successfully apply your brand strategy to multiple channels. 


Some comments on integrated marketing campaigns are that they may be slow and expensive to incorporate. However, an integrated marketing agency is able to create a successful campaign as one agency.


With having one marketing agency working for you, you are able to save time and leave your multiplatform marketing to the experts. 

How to Tell if Your Marketing Agency is Truly Integrated

There are multiple ways to find out if the marketing agency you’re using is an integrated marketing agency. These are a number of ways you can find out:


  1. Ask your agency if they are capable of meeting your multiplatform needs. 
  2. Find out if ownership is the same across the board, and vital needs are not being outsourced. 
  3. How many people are in your account meetings? Are there many people from different departments? 
  4. Their amount of experience in each specialty is equally the same or not much different. 
  5. They have a substantial portfolio of campaigns that show success across multiple platforms.

Benefits of Hiring an Integrated Marketing Agency

Starting off a partnership with a new agency can be a risk. However, nothing ventured is nothing gained. An integrated marketing agency can easily help your business reach new customers and heighten your business performance. Here are multiple benefits of hiring one: 

1. A Multiplatform Team

With an integrated marketing agency, you will have access to a team of professionals that are experienced channels of marketing. This will allow you to worry about your business rather than any marketing strategy. 


A team of professionals is able to apply their skills to your company. They will be able to handle all levels of marketing from your website to social media in one house. With multiple departments, they are able to create a team effort for your company rather than outsourcing each of your marketing needs. 

2. Consistency

An integrated marketing agency allows your company’s message and designs to be the same across every platform. This allows for a fluent campaign from your website, to social media, to digital marketing advertisements. Your company message is consistent and does not exhibit any miscommunication flaws. 

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3. Trend Flexibility

In a digital world, following trends is vital. It is the best way to reach new customers and generate new sales. With multiple departments that specialize in each marketing platform, it allows for faster access and integration of trends.


If your services are outsourced to multiple agencies, one company may be slower with trends than the other and improperly integrated into your campaign. With different departments under one agency that need to follow trends to be successful, it allows for trends to be easily discovered.


These trends will then be integrated into your campaign easily by the team of people creating and maintaining your campaign. An integrated marketing agency is able to fit your campaign into any trend needed to heighten your accessibility to targeted audiences. 

4. Everyday Support

Bumps in the road are inevitable, with an integrated marketing agency there is no need for you to worry. A multiplatform agency is able to resolve each issue immediately with the individual care your company needs. 


When you are busy focusing on your day-to-day business demands, an integrated marketing agency is able to run your marketing campaign on each platform. You are given support from multiple professionals, creating and maintaining your campaign. 

Integrated marketing

5. Access to Marketing Tools

An integrated marketing agency gives you access to the marketing tools you need to maintain your marketing campaign. These could be tools for website development, SEO, or Google analytics. With an integrated marketing package, you’re given access to all the vital tools needed to keep your marketing campaign running successfully. 

How to Find the Right Integrated Marketing Agency

When hiring an integrated marketing agency, you want to find one that fits your company’s needs. Here are a few things to consider when finding an agency:


  1. Find out your company needs. Understand your marketing needs and how an integrated marketing agency can fulfill them. 
  2. Check what services they provide. It will be important to be sure they will be able to fulfill your needs and maintain a multiplatform marketing strategy. 
  3. Check their portfolio and case studies. Take an extensive walk through their portfolio to be sure they will be able to maintain your marketing campaign the way you envision it.
  4. Read client reviews. Make sure they have a positive reputation. 
  5. Ask questions. Learn more about this company, how to communicate with them and how experienced they are. 


Integrated marketing is a cohesive marketing strategy that leads to successful campaigns. An integrated marketing agency is able to be your one-stop shop for a multiplatform campaign. If you would like to reach new potential customers and generate more sales, it would be important to apply an integrated marketing strategy with the right agency that will fulfill your needs.

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