UX Consulting & Why It’s The Best Money You Will Ever Spend

UX Consulting & Why It’s The Best Money You Will Ever Spend

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UX Consulting and its utilization of practices such as user research and testing, is one of the best ways to avoid design challenges and formulate quality products. Design projects such as app creation and website redesign, for example, often require substantial budget and planning. Therefore, understanding the value of the user experience helps in avoiding unnecessary costs that result from having to backtrack and correct mistakes.

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What is UX consulting?

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UX consulting is product creation – and nurturing this process with strategic support during the entire development process. Ux consulting is also innovation for businesses, beginning with discovery and prototype validation, all the way through to the post-release support.

It evaluates a product’s potential holistically, and according to concepts that are pertinent to both the product and in multiple industries. And due to a reliance on testing and research, ux consulting is a resource for informed opinions on product strategy.

How UX consultants help grow your business

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Establishing a robust online presence and a pleasurable user interface design is critical for companies seeking profits throughout the world.



Positive user experiences build brands and help to ensure future success – since consistency will cause customers to return to the business again. The design of an engaging platform can multiply traffic and boost sales, while research helps keep up with clients as their needs evolve.


Once receiving a quote for ux consulting and then drawing up a new product budget, there are future savings to consider, which become apparent during the development phase. This is because ux consulting facilitates a smoother and less costly transition as users begin to utilize the product. It is a much easier way to connect clients, whose projects normally require multiple adjustments, with more affordable development resources.


The ux consulting process also reduces bounce rates due to an improved user experience – increasing communication with customers seeking information, while engendering a loyal customer base. Of course, this also bolsters conversion and customer spending, as products have been strategically enhanced for e-commerce spending.

Our UX consultancy services

UX consultants foster organizational growth and utilize agile methodology geared toward a customer-centrist approach. This involves providing product teams and stakeholders with the UX tools, methods, and solutions they need to produce positive results.


ux research and planning optimize company time and resources by properly organizing design and development efforts. While in-depth company analysis identifies untapped opportunities, uncovers neglected issues, and provides discovery of any issues hampering usility tests. The result is a meaningful understanding of the current user experience and elevated business performance that is recognizable by significant increases in ROI.


UX consulting services involve an overall assessment of the company – its operations, products, and internal culture as a way to evaluate the business holistically. Once the various potential issues are revealed and the research and testing have commenced, further surveillance of the user experience is required, as well as other services such as:


  1. Custom training for teams – ux consultingfollows through by updating the internal culture with customized training and workshops, ensuring everyone is prepared to support business goals, which helps in establishing ux maturity
  2. Dedicated UX consultants– remain with clients through the critical product development stage, and on the product team, advising any and all members along the way.
  3. Research and assessment– consultants deliver a complete physical report of the business to understand what’s really going right, what is actually going wrong, and any opportunities that could potentially be developed and explored. Companies who receive these assessments will inherit a depth of understanding about the functioning of their companies which goes far beyond any individual product planning projects, and provides exceptional value.

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When is it recommended to hire a UX consultant?

Hiring a ux consultant is a proactive way of gaining an unbiased perspective of a product and learning how to proceed with its development. Product-focus and the use of ux practices, methodologies, and tools are some of the best ways to orient and enhance a team’s achievements.


Research findings and usability testing regularly prove to be more sustainable than quick fixes, which may turn out to be irrelevant and still cost a bundle. UX consultants not only assist with products but also devise strategies for dealing in the right market, along with audience targeting for lasting success. A UX consultant can also come to the rescue when dealing with technical measurement of ROI, for example, one of the main sources of understanding.

UX Consultant Myths

Keeping the costs down…
Anything that costs money is subject to skepticism, and this is occasionally true of ux consulting– the effectiveness of which may not be fully understood. It is a topic that could be called into doubt, and creates a mythology about what it exactly is. Some of these myths include:


  • ux research and testing is a fad methodology and a waste of money = such preparation is usually a smart way to stay on budget and for meeting deadlines while avoiding major catastrophes.


  • Visitors will find a way to engage on their own without help = online traffic is actually spending fewer seconds engaging with a website, according to the latest information.


  • UX consulting is a nonsense way of describing work you can do yourself = UX involves a number of services like interaction analysis, human-centered evaluation, business analytics, content strategy, and many other activities that require a great deal of time, energy, and skill.


  • UX consulting is espoused by “idea people” and requires too much innovation = any strategy your company decides on can be assessed through the lens of goal identification and the chosen direction in which the company decides to proceed.
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Key Distinctions Between a UX Designer and UX Consultant

The jobs of a UX Designer and UX Consultant are very similar, and some of the responsibilities overlap. For example, UX designers are in charge of expert-level execution of specific design tasks, possess a broad knowledge of design discipline, and must alert business leaders and stakeholders of any product issues and needs. On the other hand, a UX Consultant evaluates and audits the client’s digital product, fosters organizational growth, and conducts the prototyping and usability testing.

How to Transition from UX Designer to UX Consultant

Designers who wish to transition from UX designer to UX consultant should probably remain employed while learning how to become self-employed. While doing this, designers should do their best to observe all of the business aspects of ux consulting and offer assistance to these consultants to experience unfamiliar roles. In this way, the employee will learn new patterns of behavior.

Two Paths to Become a UX Consultant

To become a UX consultant, it’s a good idea to get a job at a UX consultancy where trainees should be able to learn from the UX consultants. Educational opportunities may include sitting in on presentations, helping to create quotes for projects, and pitching clients. Seeking freelancing work is another option, as well as attempting to find and pitch trustworthy clients who will listen via personal networks.

UX Consulting Requires a Shift in Thinking

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Due to the many different industries and companies with varying types of uniquely complicated problems waiting to be solved – ux consulting requires a kind of shift and open-mindedness in regards to thinking.


This is because some of these problems may be beyond the scope of a consultant’s knowledge. Therefore, consultants should focus on their skills, selecting jobs that align with their abilities, while providing services for people and organizations who are helpful and supportive.

Understanding the basics : What does a UX consultant do?

It is the responsibility of UX consultants to audit websites, create and test prototypes, research customers, and to train their clients on how to implement best practices.

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How much does a UX consultant charge?

UX consultants set their own payment preferences, such as whether they are paid ahead of time on retainer, billing per hour, or on a per-project basis. Actual fees will vary due to independent pricing. However, consultants with a great deal of industry knowledge, experience, and a solid reputation, would likely charge more.

Why are consultants important?

UX consultants objectively and holistically evaluate a company to see if it suits the design equation from an exterior point of view. This is valuable since, due to various reasons, internal product teams may be oblivious to shortcomings that have critical significance.

Why should I hire a consultant?

By hiring a consultant instead of a designer, clients will be able to grow and develop a company from an informed perspective instead of assigning a designer a specific task that may or may not achieve the designated goals.

What are the benefits of hiring a consultant?

The benefit of hiring a UX consultant is a data-driven approach to product creation that is evaluated in methodological terms.


Such services engender additional tools for success, creating a system specifically designed to suit the unique needs of individual companies. UX consultants also benefit clients by mapping out new methodologies, evaluating processes, conducting workshops, and training ux teams in the proper UX practices.

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