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Heatmaps: How They Can Help You Understand Your Audience

A heatmap is a color-coded data graph that represents different values. This aids users to visualize density and volume of an area, a webpage’s functionality, and even data pulled from a calendar. Heatmaps are the key to…


UX and SEO : How Improving Your Website benefits your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came into existence 15 years ago. It later became a trend among many websites and business owners. Initially, many web admins and experts easily ranked their websites among the top by keyword stuffing. A practice that involved using target keywords as many times as possible.


Shopify SEO – Optimize Your Site For Sales

One of the biggest advantages of selling online or having a website for your brick-and-mortar business is the massive population you will be able to reach. However, one of store owners’ primary concerns is often how customers will find their e-commerce site.


UX Consulting & Why It’s The Best Money You Will Ever Spend

UX Consulting and its utilization of practices such as user research and testing, is one of the best ways to avoid design challenges and formulate quality products.
Therefore, understanding the value of the user experience helps in avoiding unnecessary costs that result from having to backtrack and correct mistakes.


SaaS SEO: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

What is the secret of the most successful SaaS companies? How do they attract a wide audience? here are some SaaS SEO tips to get you started.


Web App Development: A High Level View Into All Things Web App Related

So, you’ve heard of the term “web app development” and you aren’t exactly sure what it means. It sounds a little like website development that you are familiar with, but it also sounds like mobile app development. Is it a combination of the two?

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