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Fastest Path to an ROI

Summary (and More Tips!)

Our audit suggests your fastest path to much higher organic sales is by focusing on the right keywords (potentially in alternate markets), generating more content, and utilizing SEO tools to measure progress.

  1. Hit High Volume Keywords: So much potential here for you. There are a number of keywords with massive search volume that can be hit with the right strategies and a few tweaks. Don’t leave any traffic on the table! 
  2. Strategic Content: Don’t be afraid to post full blog style content pieces on the very bottom of your product and collection pages. These pages naturally get tons of links so adding more content (designed to rank for specific keywords) will give Google more ammo to help rank you higher!
  3. Mimic the Competition: Why reinvent the wheel – figure out which pages your competition is using to drive all their traffic and reverse engineer those pages with your own spin on them (hint use Ahrefs, or call us). This also applies to conversion rating optimization – why spend your money testing when you can leverage the money they’ve already spent!
  4. Site Structure Matters: Make it easy for Google to crawl and index your pages. Keep your heading structure clean and intuitive. This goes a long way in reducing the costs Google has to spend to crawl your site. When done properly Google rewards you for making their job easy! 

This was just a quick high-level review – we are more than happy to go much more in-depth on a quick call!

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