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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Is your business on the first page of google?

We know exactly how to get you there.

With the growth Murfreesboro is experiencing this Tennessee market is more competitive than ever. We know what it takes to rank higher in local searches and can help you get there.


Your digital presence is the key to unlocking the future of your business and increasing your profits by getting the leads to come to you. Let’s get started because I can guarantee you the competition already has.

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We Design Packages based on your Goals

Customize Your SEO Solution

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Murfreesboro SEO Experts

No Other SEO knows Middle Tennessee better

Born and raised in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville – Our company’s founder has seen Murfreesboro boom throughout the past 40 years. No one you work with will know the ends and outs of this city better than us. Despite MTSU’s massive student body, it continues to grow at accelerating rates. The economic boom Nashville is seeing is influencing all of Middle Tennessee.


It might not come as a surprise, but knowing Murfreesboro at a local level is key to your digital marketing strategy. Your search engine optimization needs to be focused locally and nationally to build authority with the search engine algorithms. Who better to work with than a proper Murfreesboro SEO agency.


Our tailored SEO solutions are unique to our agency because they take a highly leveraged data analytics approach to our research. Our goal is to utilize critical concepts of Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) guidelines paired with heavy “semantic” analysis to ensure you achieve high levels of topical authority.

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Search engine marketing coupled with a responsive web design can take your local digital strategy to the next level. We provide Murfreesboro SEO solutions through business consulting and heavy market research. We make sure we understand your brand, goals, and what we will need to do to get you high-impact results.

Murfreesboro SEO evolution

A Data Driven Digital Marketing Approach

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SEO Setup

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What does the Process look like?

SEO Setup

We start out making sure google is showing your site in the best light

Research and Development

- Site Audit and Optimization
- Deep Dive Competitive Analysis
- Conversion Setup

Technical Foundation

We go back to the basics and ensure your site is free of hidden issues and errors

Behind the Scenes

We run audits and make sure your website is following Googles best practices.

Competitive Analysis

We use results from your competitors to create a roadmap for your business.

Deep Dive

We leverage the time and money your competition has spent on their SEO to fine tune our strategy and ensure you are competing on day one.

Website Authority

We fine tune our strategy as we start to see the traffic pour in.

Quality is Everything

Depending on the package you have signed up for we do everything we can to make sure you are getting maximum exposure with each and every piece of content.

Leads and Profit

All the hard work will begin to pay off and you'll be gaining new clients from organic long-term traffic!

Timing is key

Depending on which package you choose, we may be able to scale your strategy and begin seeing this new business flow in quickly!

Local Organic Rankings

Build a new revenue stream through Murfreesboro SEO

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A successful SEO campaign requires precision; it’s a balance of over 200 ranking factors that must be executed as close to perfection as possible. The digital landscape is also evolving as search engines modify their algorithms constantly.


There is a reason we are among the top SEO companies in Murfreesboro; we have proven time and time again what it takes to reach the top of google searches.


The digital landscape is also evolving as search engines modify their algorithms constantly.

We are unlike any other Murfreesboro SEO agencies; the key factors we focus on are future-proof, and our approach is entirely search engine linked. Other agencies will show you google analytics and focus on setting up business listings.


What we do is so much more detailed; we want to ensure you capture actual topical authority and become search icons for your industry.


Online marketing has experienced explosive growth since the COVID 19 pandemic. Being successful in today’s markets requires robust web design across the entire website, swift site speed, social media marketing, and constant attention to search engine optimization.


To be at the top of the google search results, you have to check all the boxes. Gone are the days when only having great content marketing got you there.


Take your digital strategy to the next level and hire the best Murfreesboro SEO company and digital marketing firm out here.

Invest in your future

SEO Services FAQ

A good Murfreesboro SEO campaign can also give you an edge when it comes to competing in the online space. The key is to choose a service provider that offers just the right mix of expertise and value for your needs. This will help you get started and to avoid making high-cost mistakes that could even lead to low-ranking keyword status.


Google’s main goal is to show its users the best possible solutions to their questions. By ensuring your webpage is the best answer to any question relating to your business, you are achieving an effective SEO strategy. You achieve this by implementing specific terms and relevant keywords that generate the most conversions from traffic to new business and finally to profit.


We are always successful when we have created new business leads that are generated through your website. Gone are the days when you have to call and constantly seek new prospects. Our goal is to bring business to you. We do this by utilizing a combination of SEO, keyword research, technical SEO, and many proprietary strategies.


Our secret to getting ranked in search results is our approach to building your customized SEO strategy. We analyze all of your competition and determine what has been working for them, then we emulate it with our own spin on it. With our cutting-edge tools, we can look behind the curtain and decode their ranking factors. This provides us with a baseline to overtake them at every turn. This is just the beginning of our approach to designing your new digital marketing strategy.


Short answer – what you get is what you pay for.


Longer answer – Search engine optimization companies are a dime a dozen. Choosing a cheaper SEO provider will damage your website’s authority in the long run. Most of these cheaper companies utilize black hat practices, meaning they basically pay for short-term fake traffic and utilize unethical approaches to try to show you on paper that they are improving your SEO. What happens is Google will always pick up on this (it just might take a month or so) and when they do your domain, website, and business will be penalized. In most cases it is very difficult if not impossible to restore your credibility after these issues.


For the cost to make sense – you must look at it as an investment.


QCKBOT’s SEO packages are powerful tools that can help any business to grow exponentially. Our team of Internet Marketing Professionals have been in the industry for over 10 years. We have the knowledge to help you succeed in this competitive industry because we know what it takes to rank in Google. We offer a free proposal that will show you how much other competitors are investing in SEO services and who are already utilizing them.


If you invest in SEO, it will pay for itself many times over. You also need to remember that SEO requires an ongoing commitment as Google changes its algorithm every day which means your strategy must be adjusted accordingly. In this process, we continuously monitor all news reports on SEO-related issues and keep our customers up to date about the latest happenings in the search engine optimization world ensuring proper preparation against future algorithmic updates from Google or other major players within the Search Engine market space.


We aim to provide you with the best SEO services so that your business can grow. What this means is that these are not short-term investments, but rather long-term goals. This is why we customize SEO strategies for your specific needs in order to get top rankings in Google search results.

SEO is not really black magic – it’s technology mixed with data analytics and a little psychology. It’s just good old-fashioned marketing with a new spin for the digital age.


When simplified SEO is a marketing strategy that utilizes various tools and techniques, such as updating the website to provide more value for users. It also incorporates tracking user data in order to rank the relevancy of the website and its pages. All while using psychology to guide the traffic exactly where you want it to go.


There are many steps in getting your website ranked number one on Google, but SEO is important in your strategic marketing plan. However, SEO companies can’t guarantee rankings. There are a variety of methods and tools available to help get your website ranked for what you want it to be ranked for and we are experts in this. What we do is drastically improve your chances to rank and set you up so that once you do – you are consistently converting traffic into business leads.

We’ve heard many horror stories from other business owners about their experiences with previous SEO companies who promised them success only to deliver poor rankings, low click-through rates, and black hat SEO techniques that are easily spotted by Google.


We’ve also heard stories of other SEO companies who provide fake leads and click-throughs because they’re just trying to drive up their numbers to get higher payouts from the client.


We focus on building trust with your audience so you can expand your business over time while getting more traffic than before which will lead directly to conversions. This process takes time but once you start seeing results – the growth becomes exponential!

Most successful companies in this day and age understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s complex and ever-changing, so we always say yes to any job! Our rates are affordable, scalable, and can work for any size business. We’re available as a one-time gig or on an ongoing basis depending on your needs.


We can work as an autonomous entity, or as a team with your input. The more information you provide, the faster we will get results; but some clients would prefer to be hands-off in order to focus on what they do best.


We believe all businesses should invest in SEO because it has long-term value and we want to make sure those investments match future goals so they don’t pay more than needed. We offer hourly consulting sessions where we go through reports from existing accounts that provide us insight into our SEO marketing services. Our services are flexible and so are our package monthly plans.

We’re committed to helping you create a presence on the internet.


We’ll be your partner in achieving online success, walking with you through every step of the way as we work with you to make sure that all data points are on our side and speaking volumes about how successful these strategies have been time after time again.


This partnership benefits you in that it provides new strategies and best practices for your ongoing SEO journey. We also help educate and provide an understanding of the “why” behind the “what.” We want our clients to know our motivations and why our process works so well! This means that when you have any questions at all, we are available 24/7 to walk you through reports, results, and discuss strategy. Our passion is in the process and the journey – the RESULTS are validation.

We know how to get clients results faster than any other SEO agency because we have an extensive understanding on what works. Every business is unique and the level of competition will vary, but in our packages above you’ll find typical expectations for timing that are shared by all new businesses looking into getting ahead online quickly with us!


It’s impossible to put an exact timeline on how long it will take for SEO to work, but we can estimate based on what our past customers have experienced with us. Typically, Google will pick up all of our changes and start seeing rankings move in your favor after the first month and you’ll start looking at solidified rankings on page one of Google by the end of the sixth month.

In addition to our custom SEO packages above – We offer SEO consulting, SEO audits, SEO training, link building, and SEO reporting. SEO is a process, not something you can get overnight. We are flexible with just about anything so reach out and we can find the best fit to help you grow your business.


We know SEO inside and out so we’re here to help our clients every step of the way, any way possible.

No SEO company can 100% guarantee rankings or results. And if they try to – that’s a red flag. However, we are confident in what you’ll be getting from our SEO services so although we offer a contracted option if you believe your SEO is underperforming – you can cancel at any time.


We know the process works and have seen it grow businesses for years, so this promise is a sign to show our confidence and how much we believe in SEO.


There’s always risk involved because Google constantly changes its algorithm but rest assured that anything we do will be the best possible practices and white hat SEO techniques only!

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