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Audit Summary

Our audit suggests your fastest path to much higher organic sales is by focusing on topical authority (giving google lots of content to rank), building out landing pages by house plant type, and creating at scale top of funnel (informational) content.


  1. Target Topical Authority: Hammer out content that covers the most searched topics and questions around house plants: Types of house plants, terminology of plants, how to care for xxxxx plant guides! 
  2. You don’t have to invent the wheel: Utilize content topics and ideas that are already out there to get an idea of what to create. You can even create this content with AI if you are careful and strategic about it. 
  3. Mass Content At Scale: Each piece of content will be dual purpose meaning it will help you with topical authority (when google crawls your site trying to determine if you are more of an expert than your competition) and also as these independent landing pages designed to convert while educating.


This was just a quick high-level audit – we are more than happy to go much more in-depth on a quick intro call!

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