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Fastest Path to an ROI

Audit Summary

Our audit suggests your fastest path to much higher organic sales is by focusing on the right keywords, generating more content, and utilizing SEO tools to measure progress.

  1. Target Alternative Markets: Focus on keywords from alternative markets. Given your strong domain rating, ranking for the most commercially viable keywords with strategic content should be simple.
  2. Content Generation: Generate more content, especially through blogs that discuss and answer the most asked search questions around your most important keywords. Generating more content will lead to better overall site ranking and quicker results.
  3. Right Keywords: Focus on the right organic keywords that drive the desired traffic and can lead to conversions. While it is great to have sales from buyers that are familiar with the brand, the path to major sales growth is targeting the qualified buyers that haven’t heard of you before.

This was just a quick high-level audit – we are more than happy to go much more in-depth on a quick intro call!

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